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I always was the goody two shoes, top of the class kind of a girl that ever put a toe across the line, never did anything wrong, never had wild stories of adventure. Until I was 18 I lived by my parents’ rules, did my best and got into a great university. I excelled in that too. And then I graduated with honors. It sounds like the most boring life story you would ever read, even if you wanted to torture yourself and read it. I knew after I graduated I wanted more out of life. I wanted to explore, I wanted to see the world with new eyes and I wanted to travel.

For a long time I felt like I was cooped up inside a cage, doing all the things I was supposed t do, at the time I was supposed to do them. During University and High School I had been working part time and I had accumulated a good amount of savings over the years. As I collected my certificate at the graduation ceremony, it hit me. I hadn’t truly lived. This is when I made plans.

I made it my new project and I tackled it with the intensity that I normally do with all my projects, except this was personal to me. I mapped out a route I would like to follow, countries I would like to visit and things I would like to do. I had a good amount saved up s I knew I wouldn’t have to depend upon my parents for budgeting my trip – after all, it was my trip of adventure not theirs. I asked around if any friends were interested in traveling with me. Some were interested but after graduation, they all wanted to get work experience to get a foothold in their respective fields and were reluctant to take a long break just to travel. I don’t blame them; I would’ve done the same too.

I was determined to go though. I’ve seen people who go through life like zombies, in the same career day in, day out, going through the same motions like clockwork and I didn’t know what the future held for me, but I wanted to at least experience life before I forgot into a life of monotony.

I booked my tickets – I planned to start off in Amsterdam.  My parents weren’t too keen on letting me go – they feared for my safety and offered to pay for an around the world ticket but to travel well, but I didn’t want to travel that way. I feel you don’t really see the place for what it truly is unless if you live like a local, travel like a local and see things like a local. I packed some camping stuff, my sleeping bag, essentials and off I went.

I did have many adventures, I met interesting people along the way who have enriched my life, I have seen so much and done so much, made so many friends and as much I would like to tell you about my stories, you’ll just have to read my blog sometime.