Interesting Places for Backpackers

Being on a shoestring budget allows for you to really get creative on your choice of destinations, the route you will follow, the places you stay and the people you meet. As much as the tourism industry has boomed, it still takes money to see different countries and stay in comfort. For backpackers, the world is their oyster and they don’t let the lack of money come in their way because they see beyond of what there is, and try to do something with what they have. It’s a new breed of adventurers and the destinations that are favorited by backpackers are slowly growing. Here are a few of the top destinations for backpackers around the world.


  • Porto – Algarve, Portugal

Portugal is a beautiful destination which is not too hard on the pockets. Many backpackers favor this route. Fly down to Porto and start your journey from there and make your way to Algarve which is located at the southernmost part of Portugal, bordering Spain. The trek is not difficult with scenic views of the coast to keep you company. The transport system is great and reliable and the friendly locals along the way will tell you stories and all tell you the best places to go and see. There are lively festivals that are celebrated, combined with the fantastic seafood, this is one trip you’ll never forget.

  • Bali

This tourist destination in Indonesia has grown in leaps and bounds in popularity with many people choosing this as their holiday destination during the year. What’s not to love? If you’re looking to travel on a budget but want to live like royalty, this is the place for you. The accommodations are relatively cheap if you know how to find a deal, the golden beaches look idyllic and the surfing is great. Lie on the beach; work on that sun tan surrounded by likeminded travelers.

Blue Lagoon

  • Cappadocia

Turkey has a beautiful landscape that is slowly being rediscovered by many travelers. This city in Turkey boasts colorfully painted churches, small homesteads on the sides of cliffs and gutted boulders. This place is colorful and vibrant in its architecture and culture and the people here will make your backpacking trip a memorable one.

  • The Inca Trail

Mach Picchu has been a travel destination for many people but it is the trail there which is a great journey for any adventurer. Machu Picchu still remains as a great mystery, located high up in the Andes but this South American location offers more than just the forgotten city. The trail takes you along the coastline of Peru where pristine beaches offer solitude to the weary traveler; little towns dot the path where you can find lively music, food and friendly locals.

  • Taman Negara

Located in Malaysia, this destination will take you to discover hidden caves, elephant trails, lush forests and fields of giant mushrooms. It is Malaysia’s most visited national Park and you can cross rope bridges string over the wilderness to give you your taste of the adventure as well as provide a trip of a lifetime.

  • Vietnam

The country itself is a haven for backpackers, with cheap accommodation, great food, a thriving street life, many war museums and traditional villages to take you back in time. This is an introduction to a new life where you are exposed to different sights and sounds form what you are normally used to, all without breaking the bank. Visit Ha Long Bay or the Mekong Delta and book the tour locally to save more. Although the beaches cannot compare to Thailand, it is worth is visit, especially to Bai Tu Long Bay which is less crowded than Ha Long Bay. This country will truly make you feel that you’ve stepped into a whole new world.

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